- Simon Games are traditionally known in the form of toys. This computer version of the game fulfills the same objective; to challenge players in a way to measure memory retention capacity by generating a growing sequence of events, in this case colors, that the player has to repeat. How many sequential events can you remember? - Simon will tell you.

1. Once the game has loaded first you will want to click the power switch to turn on the system, you will see a dash in the counter placed in the middle of the tiles.

2. To begin the game click the “Start” button and Simon will pick the first color for you to repeat.

3. Simon will initiate the game by lighting up the initial clicked color (1) and an additional one (2). Your job is to click on both colors in the same order (1)-(2).

4. This process continues, adding and/or repeating new colors that you must memorize and repeat in the same order, until your memory allows it - and / or until you make a mistake.

5. However, because Simon is kind and forgiving he will allow you to make a mistake, repeat his pattern and give you another chance to redeem yourself with the correct sequence.

6. Unless…. you want to try your luck on the dangerous side….click the “Strict” switch and mistakes will not be tolerated, one incorrect move and you must restart from the beginning! CHOOSE WISELY….


Strict Power